JMD has maintained an In-House Research Wing that is continuously involved in up gradation of new technologies of audio recording. The Plant & Machinery are ultra modern and governed by the latest art of the technology. These have been imported from Singapore and Japan. The list of machines that we currently own is listed here.

  • TASCAM M3700 – 32-Track Indoor / Outdoor
  • TASCAM DA – 88 8-track digital tape recorder Hi-8 mm type (14 Kg) (3 Numbers)?
    • JBL Monitor speakers - CTRL 4412
    • ARX 300 power amplifier
    • ARX 100 W, 8 ohms jack inputs, XLR Outputs (10 Kg)
    • CTR 105 Microphone
  • TASCAM DA-30 Digital audiocassette Tape recorder 44.1 KHz Rec, AES/EBU (11 Kg)
  • TASCAM 122 MK III 4-track, 2 channels, 3 head, 1 speed, XLR (12 Kg)
  • REVOX B 77 2 track, 2 channels, 1/4″, 15/7.5 ips, 10” reel (25 Kg)

Others:ARG Mixer, Cynger Mixer, Moto Sound Card
The technology and know-how for the operation of the audio equipments are being handled by expert recordists and engineered by professionals. Future up gradation and augmentation due to technological innovation and company’s expansion plan would be taken care of by experts.

The company maintains the quality of the recording as well as the final product by continuous tuning of the equipments by qualified engineers. Expert recordists will always maintain the quality of the recording.
About Company

JMD is an Indian business conglomerate having revenues of more than 2 billion INR & having a diversified business portfolio spanning across different industries viz a viz entertainment, digital, ecommerce, education, distribution, retail, investment, infrastructure, media, trading & services sectors.

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