We all knew mobile phones were a big thing but who knew the power they had to turbo-charge the growth of digital media. The consumers in today’s day and age are digital citizens and we provide them with digital media content which is both relevant and entertaining.

Our in depth knowledge and content development and creative design teams helps our clients re-imagine ways to present their content in rich-media and mobile formats to drive new revenue.

Content development for Apps includes:
Rich media features, such as audio, video, animation and 3D.
Location-aware functionality, including mapping services like Google Earth.
Instructional learning aids, including simulations, quizzes, demonstrations.
Social connectivity to Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

Discover the power of your content with exciting new Apps for today’s mobile-centric consumers.

Our enterprise app development methodology includes:

  • Mobile strategy
  • Mobile design
  • Mobile application development
  • Mobile application QA
  • Market place deployment

About Company

JMD is an Indian business conglomerate having revenues of more than 2 billion INR & having a diversified business portfolio spanning across different industries viz a viz entertainment, digital, ecommerce, education, distribution, retail, investment, infrastructure, media, trading & services sectors.

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