JMD Telefilms in association with BAJAAO presents JMD School of Music -JMD School of Music is the only contemporary music school which has a wide network of finest musicians and a dynamic curriculum which is comprehensive and compatible with the needs of students who not only desire to study music, but also build a career in music. We are here to assist students who want to realize their dream of pursuing a career in music. We help the students to develop a vision, adapt with the global music scenario, and a keen ear towards the changing music in this modern world. JMD School of music provides you with a greatest opportunity to explore your dreams and help them become true musicians, and for those who would like to further develop their skills. JMD School of music is the only music school in India which offers you three most important things:

Qualified and Experienced faculty.
Exclusive modules/learning material written by the experts and faculty members for effective and long term learning.
Quarterly half yearly and yearly music education program which includes examination and certification
Monthly lessons for music lovers and for those who want to fulfill their desire/Hobby

Level 1(Beginners): – 3 months course which includes Introduction, Basic theory, Basic instrument and song writing techniques along with basic introduction to music reading.

Level 2(Encore): – 3 months course which includes Music theory, Application, Instrument Techniques and Music Reading.

Level 3(Advanced): – 3 months course which includes Advanced Music theory, Application Techniques, Developing playing skills and workouts, Music reading, Improvisation and Live performance class.

Level 4(Intermediate): – 3 months course which includes Music Theory, Application of theory, Music reading, Writing sheet music, Advanced Song writing and more.

JMD School of music offers a fully furnished, well equipped practice hall and equipment’s which takes learning to a different level. It sets an environment which makes music more fun and relaxing. The teachers/musicians have a lot to share, offer and teach the students because of their achievements and experience (as students and musicians) in India and overseas. JMD School of music, along with its onboard member focuses on writing and publishing their own modules, which makes the school more exclusive and versatile. The entire faculty members are scouted and handpicked after years of observation, research and achievements. Keeping the youth in mind, we chose the following as they have inspired, encouraged and entertained the youth of this country which is nothing but a great sign of a growing demand of music education and quality music teachers in India.
JMD School of Music

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