JMD Telefilms Industries Ltd is a BSE listed company having revenues of over INR 1 billion and having businesses across different industries.

Retailers around the world realize that sustainable competitive advantage will be gained only by those companies that integrate a deep understanding of consumer demand directly into their supply chain planning workflows. FDI in retail now enables foreign retailers to set up retail chains here. Global retailers are forming alliances with Indian companies & working on plans to set up their retail operations in India.

India has emerged as the fifth most favourable destination for international retailers, outpacing UAE, Russia, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. India remains a high potential market with accelerated retail growth of 15-20 per cent expected over the next five years. The India Retail Industry is gradually inching towards becoming the next boom industry. The vast middle class and its almost untapped retail industry are the key forces for global retail giants wanting to enter into Indian markets, which in turn will help the India Retail Industry to grow at a faster pace. We at JMD realized this and incorporated the retail industry in our portfolio.

In April 2011, BAJAAO Music Pvt Ltd has been acquired by JMD Telefilms Industries Ltd, and with this new leadership, the company expects to scale up its operations and expand its other business divisions. BAJAAO is now a wholly owned subsidiary of JMD Telefilms Industries Ltd.

BAJAAO ( India’s first and largest direct online retailer for musical instruments and pro audio equipment. BAJAAO takes great pride in being musicians & selling to musicians.

JMD welcomes International Music Retailers to partner with us for setting up Indian retail stores for MI & Prod Audio. JMD is the only Indian listed company in this industry & possibly an ideal partner for your Indian journey.

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JMD is an Indian business conglomerate having revenues of more than 2 billion INR & having a diversified business portfolio spanning across different industries viz a viz entertainment, digital, ecommerce, education, distribution, retail, investment, infrastructure, media, trading & services sectors.

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